Street Furniture

Explore and discover our well-designed and functional street furniture to improve the quality of public spaces. We offer unique street furniture products that elevate your urban experience, significantly enhance the urban landscape, and provide amenities for residents and visitors.

Here are some of the street furniture that we offer:

Benches: Benches are one of the most common types of street furniture. They provide seating for pedestrians to rest, relax, or socialize while exploring the urban environment.

Shaded Seating Areas: Qatar’s hot climate necessitates the provision of shaded seating areas throughout public spaces. These seating areas often feature aesthetically pleasing designs and can be found in parks, promenades, and other pedestrian areas.

Streetlights: Street lights provide illumination during nighttime, enhancing safety and visibility for pedestrians and motorists. They come in various designs, including lampposts and overhead lighting fixtures.

Bollards: Bollards are sturdy, vertical posts that are often used to manage traffic and protect pedestrian areas from unauthorized vehicles. They can be found in pedestrianized zones, sidewalks, and plazas.

Bus Stops and Shelters: These structures offer seating, shade, and real-time bus arrival information, ensuring convenience and comfort for commuters.

Waste Bins: These containers are designed to collect and contain waste, helping to keep public spaces clean. They are strategically placed throughout public areas, encouraging proper waste disposal, and maintaining cleanliness.

Public Art Installations: Public art sculptures and installations can serve as street furniture, adding visual interest and aesthetic appeal to public spaces. They can take the form of statues, murals, or interactive installations.

Bike Racks: Bike racks provide secure parking spaces for bicycles, encouraging cycling as a mode of transportation. They are often found near public transit stations, parks, and commercial areas.

Information Kiosks: Information kiosks or interactive panels provide maps, directions, and information about local attractions, events, or public services. They assist visitors and residents in navigating the area.

These are just a few examples of street furniture that we can offer. We can customize the design and selection of street furniture to tailor fit and meet your unique needs and aesthetic preferences.