Outdoor Business Signage Ideas

Outdoor Business Signage is a form of marketing. It can attract customers to visit your business. It also can speak well about your business as clients may judge your capability and professionalism through your outdoor signage.

Your signage can work 24/7, especially with illumination at night, so it is essential to put your best foot forward in planning business signages. Here are some of the business signage ideas that can boost your brand:

  1. 3D Signs and Letters

It’s one of the popular types of business signage for any enterprise. It’s a three-dimensional sign that adds an element of depth to a flat sign’s height and width. The shape, shadows, and shading of the 3D design can easily catch an eye.

It gives you the creative freedom to bring to life cool sign ideas. You can choose from endless shapes, fonts, colors, and dimensions but ensure that it matches your interior and exterior look and follow your brand guidelines.

You can also add more visibility to your 3D signs by adding light which grabs more attention, especially during the nighttime.

  1. Light Box Signs

LightBox Signs are sign cabinets with LED illumination, and it provides 24/7 visibility for your message. With its stand-out box shape or other enclosed configuration, this signage will capture the attention of your target audience and can enhance the customer experience.

Lightboxes usually are made of a combination of aluminum and acrylic materials. These are durable and visually appealing materials, making them an ideal promotional tool.      

  1. Pylon Signs

It is a freestanding sign supported by poles and commonly made with an aluminum or steel frame with a rigid or flexible face. Pylon signs are often illuminated or backlit with LED or fluorescent lamps, but they can also be without lighting.

The pylon is tall and visible even from a distance. It is a good idea for an establishment situated along a highway.

  1. Monument Signs

A monument sign is low to the ground, providing a direct line of sight for commuters and passersby. It will help you gain attention in any crowd or large area. The monument sign is like a permanent structure that can give customers the impression that you are an established company. You can design it in various materials, styles, and sizes, depending on your brand.

The right business signs can help your business grow. It is essential to plan and choose the correct signage for your business. Your choice depends on aesthetics, brand consistency, budget, and taste. Contact us to turn your business sign ideas into reality.